25th Annual Maryland Regional Aviation Conference: A Resounding Success in Ocean City

The highly anticipated 25th Annual Maryland Regional Aviation Conference took place at the picturesque Princess Royale Hotel in Ocean City, MD. The three-day event brought together airports, aviation businesses, federal and state officials, and pilots for a dynamic gathering of new ideas, industry connections, and celebration.

Packed with engaging sessions and networking opportunities, the conference offered attendees a chance to immerse themselves in the world of aviation.

The conference commenced on June 7, with registration open throughout the day. Sponsors and exhibitors also had the opportunity to showcase themselves through exhibit set-ups. For those seeking a touch of leisure, an afternoon golf session was organized at the Eagles Landing Golf Course, setting the tone for an engaging week.

The atmosphere came alive in the evening with a lively Welcome Reception at The Current, where attendees enjoyed an open bar and lite fare. The reception fostered valuable connections and set the stage for fruitful interactions throughout the conference.

On June 8, the main conference day, a diverse range of sessions captivated participants. The day kicked off with warm welcome remarks from Richard Meehan, Mayor of Ocean City, Micah Risher, MAC President, and special guest Paul Wiedefeld, MDOT Secretary. Their inspiring words set the tone for the informative and engaging discussions that followed.

Highlights included the FAA Eastern Region Update/Programs delivered by Steve Jones, FAA Deputy Regional Administrator, and an enlightening session on Electric Aircraft Transportation Systems by Nate Ward, Network Developer at Beta Technologies. Drew Myers, AOPA Flying Club Manager, shared insights on the “You Can Fly” initiatives for GA airports, emphasizing their importance and potential impact.

A spotlight shone on the OXB Runway Reconstruction project, featuring presentations by Jaime Giandomenico, Airport Manager, Derek Hollinger from AECOM, and Derek Jones from Atlantic Contracting & Materials Co., Inc. This session provided a firsthand account of the challenges and successes encountered during the project, offering valuable lessons to attendees.

Addressing a critical topic, Jim Logie and Jerry Pratt from FAA Baltimore FSDO, FAAST Team, shed light on the significance of combating illegal charters and its implications for airport operators.

The conference also celebrated the contributions of women aviators with presentations by Pat Valdata, author of the History of Woman Aviators, and a captivating talk titled “Only From a Blimp” by Hunter Harris. These inspiring sessions paid homage to the trailblazers in aviation history while attendees enjoyed a traditional “Eastern Shore” buffet dinner.

The final day, June 9, allowed participants to indulge in local attractions, starting with a guided tour of the Life Saving Museum at the Ocean City Life Saving Station. Following the tour, attendees enjoyed a lunch at Brother’s Bistro and had the option to witness an the OC Airshow Practice.

The 25th Annual Maryland Regional Aviation Conference was a resounding success, bringing together industry professionals, fostering collaboration, and offering unparalleled opportunities for growth and knowledge-sharing. The Maryland Aviation Council would like to thank all of the sponsors that supported the event and invite the public to join the council and promote aviation in the State of Maryland.

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