Program Paused

We’ve made the decision to halt the Explore Maryland By Air program until further notice. We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your understanding during this pause.

Existing passport holders who have completed the program by April 2024 will be recognized in an awards ceremony in Fall 2024. Details will be forthcoming.

Fly the "Explore Maryland By Air" PASSPORT Challenge!

Come explore Maryland’s unique and exciting local culture and experiencing the first-class general aviation transportation system of which we are justifiably proud. Pilots and aviation minded individuals will not want to miss this opportunity to visit Maryland’s Airports and Aviation Museums while earning recognition and prizes that distinguishes them as Maryland’s flying elite.

Where to collect stamps


Please check with the airports listed below for any policies, procedures, or fees they may have before visiting them. A list of airports is also provided for locating the stamp at various airports. This list will be continually updated.

  >> Download the Stamp Locations List Here

  >> MAA – Maryland Public Use Airport Info

Awards & Prizes

The “Explore Maryland by Air Program” provides Fledgling, Albatross, and Ace levels of recognition for pilots and passengers who visit our airports, aviation museums and participate in one or more FAA/FAAST Safety Programs.


  • Visit all (35) Public Use Airports in Maryland
  • Visit All (4) Aviation Museums in Maryland
  • Attend (4) FAAST Safety seminars
  • Attend the MD Regional Aviation Conference to redeem prize

Participants achieving this level receive a flight jacket.


  • Visit (20) different Public Use Airports in Maryland
  • Visit (2) Aviation Museums in Maryland
  • Attend (2) FAAST Safety seminars

Participants achieving this level receive a set of beautiful glassware.


  • Visit (10) different Public Use Airports in Maryland
  • Visit (1) Aviation Museum in Maryland
  • Attend (1) FAAST Safety seminar

Participants achieving this level receive a baseball cap.

Submission Deadline for 2023

The deadline for passports is April 15, 2023. Passports must be received by that date to be eligible for the 2023 Ace level prize.


Passports that are received after April 15th, 2023 will be eligible for the 2024 awards ceremony.

2023 Explore Maryland by Air (EMBA) Awards Ceremony info coming soon!


  • The program is open to pilots as well as non-pilots.
  • Participants can fly, drive, or use any other means of transportation to visit the various sites to obtain a stamp. (Check with the airports about any policies, procedures, or fees before visiting).
  • Participants are not required to be Maryland residents.
  • All participants must have an official passport. No alternative booklets etc. will be permitted.
  • When visiting a participating airport, museum or FAAST seminar, participants must obtain a corresponding stamp in their passport. All stamps must be made on the designated page for that entry; no other sheets may be inserted into the passport. In the event there is not a stamp in the location please provide some sort of proof (i.e. picture with date, staff signature and date, etc.) that you were there on that date and submit for approval when you submit your passport for prize redemption.
  • To receive a stamp from a participating airport, persons must provide a valid photo I.D. corresponding to the name in the passport. Participants may receive only one stamp per visit and one stamp per FAAST seminar. Each person needs to be present at the time of the stamp for their own passport. Sharing books or having someone else get your stamp is not permitted.
  • Once a participant has successfully achieved an award level (Fledgling, Albatross, or Ace), the passport needs to be mailed to Jaime Giandomenico at Ocean City Airport for review and approval:
    Jaime Giandomenico
    Ocean City Municipal Airport
    12724 Airport Rd
    Berlin, MD 21811
  • Once approved, Fledgling, and Albatross level awards will be mailed to the participant along with their passport to allow for continued progress towards the Ace level.
  • Once approved, Ace level award passports will be given back to the participant at the awards ceremony with their prize.
  • Ace level awards will be presented at the annual Maryland Regional Aviation Conference and your passport will be returned with your Ace level prize.  Ace level passports must be submitted to MAMA by the date specified above in order to be approved and for the award for that year. If passports for the Ace level are turned in after the deadline date, they will be eligible for the following year awards ceremony.
  • There is no deadline for the Fledgling and Albatross levels to be submitted to MAMA.
  • Once a participant has reached the Ace level and received their award, they are no longer eligible for further participation or prizes.
  • The program and the awards are continuous unless the organization can no longer support the program or the organization decides to end the program, at which point it may be terminated at any time without notice

NOTE: Credit will only be given for FAAST Safety seminars attended in the BWI, Dulles, & Philadelphia FSDO.