OXB Doggie Connection

About once a month, Dr. Chris, a well known Ocean City anesthesiologists and volunteer pilot of Pilots N Paws, makes a flight in his Saratoga to a North Carolina kill center to rescue dogs. Dr. Chris has flown over 250 rescue dogs to new homes. On February 11, 2017, a total of 10 dogs, 5 of which were puppies were slowly extracted from the Saratoga at OXB.  The OXB Saratoga arrival was greeted by a group of enthusiastic volunteers waiting with water bowls and leashes and ready to walk the dogs between flights. Their connecting flights were aboard two Grumman aircraft destined for New Jersey where they will live in foster homes until adopted. One pooch definitely made it clear he did not want to fly in a crate for the second leg of the trip, so he was allowed to sit freely behind the pilots and enjoy the view like any good passenger should.  https://www.pilotsnpaws.org

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